A downloadable game for Windows


Play as an archer in a top-down arena against unending waves of slimes.

Upgrade your character every few waves.

Charge your attacks in order to unleash a rain of arrows or one penetrating shot.

Dash away from or in the mayhem.

Permanent battleground stained by your blood and the slimey remains.


W/A/S/D - movement

Left-Click (and charge) - penetration arrow

Right-Click (and charge) -rain of arrows

Shift - Dash


1.1 - added Healing Orb and Attack Reload Upgrades; Added Augments; Added Statistics; Remade Menu; Added some Animations

Credits for Music:


Install instructions

Use the installer.


Slime & Quiver1.1.exe 5 MB


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I gave it "shot". Really cool concept, really clean looking. One thing that kind of made it hard on the eyes was that the mouse+character moved the camera. It can make a person dizzy very quick!

Thank you for your comment! We'll take that into consideration. :D We are glad that you liked it. If you have any other thoughts on how we can improve, please let us know. Have a nice day!

I was really expecting a sort of "blob" explosion when i killed a slime. Right now, they kinda just stop moving and leave a stain. The "leaving a stain" is a neat feature, but a death animation would be SOOO satisfying!

Noted. We'll try to implement that in a future release. Thank you very much for your support! :D